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welcome to the Polo Players’ Association

The Polo Players’ Association was established in September 2016, originally the Professional Players’ Association of which Richard Le Poer was elected Chairman.

It soon became clear that an association solely for professionals wasn’t going to help promote and grow the sport as it gave only the professionals a voice so Richard established the PPA in order that players at every level have a voice and the opportunity to assist in the growth of our sport.

It is the intention of the PPA to run alongside and in conjunction with the Hurlingham Polo Association when required and beneficial to the sport.

As the HPA is an affiliation of Clubs there is no opportunity for players to voice their ideas of constructive change in the Sport; this organisation and website gives you the opportunity to do so.

We will be publishing Articles, Projects and Blogs on this site and we very much hope that as many people as possible feel happy to express their views and receive constructive feedback from the rest of the community.


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Our Mission

About Us

To form a group that represents those involved in the polo sector and through this group to:

  • Develop the sport of Polo
  • Use the expertise of different groups of people within the Polo community to promote the sport
  • Assist those within the sport with advice and guidance
  • Work alongside the HPA in the best interests of Polo
  • Encourage and facilitate those wanting to be involved in Polo
  • To promote professionalism and polo businesses within the sport of Polo
  • To promote the interests of all players playing legally within the UK

Membership Benefits

Why join the Polo Players Asociation?

  1. We will be your voice to the HPA.

  2. If you love, live, work polo we will represent your interests.

  3. The PPA platform will be your portal to Polo

  4. Alone we are strong together we are stronger.

Membership Form

Membership of the Polo Players Association is open to:
  • Any British player who has attained a HPA handicap.
  • Any foreign player who is playing legally in the United Kingdom.
  • Any Patron, Amateur or professional within the sport at all levels.
Membership Fee

The membership fee is £20 per annum and runs from 1st March each year for the following 12 months. Membership fees are used to pay the running costs of the PPA and any funds leftover will be split equally between ongoing projects, therefore returned to the sport.